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Three Tips To Take Adventure Photos Like A Pro

There are very few feelings as breathtaking as watching a sunrise from the top of a mountain. If you like spending time outside and exploring the world, you must know the true beauty of Mother Nature.

But capturing those adventure photos can be hard. Without getting into technical details, here are 3 simple steps that every pro photographer goes through when going on an adventure. And you should too!

Before we begin, a quick reminder: when you’re climbing that mountain, you’ll feel the weight of every extra piece of equipment. You can leave your tripod and one of the lenses at home.

Find your own perspectives

Many photographers visit the same places and most of them take the same pictures. That doesn’t make sense.

When you’re out there, don’t worry about what others think is important. Sure, you can visit Instagram or Flickr for inspiration, but you shouldn’t try to recreate others’ pictures.

It’s always best to wander around with your camera and let the landscapes inspire you. Make sure you have your camera ready for that precious moment when you find a magnificent view.

Include subjects

Adventure Photos are not landscape photography. The main difference is that the first one often includes a subject. It can be your friend you went hiking with, the tent you slept in, or a wild animal.

Remember to place the subject using the rule of thirds. You also want to find great angles that capture the emotions for those who aren’t there with you.

Take some time for post-production

The beauty of photography is that the job doesn’t finish when you get home. You may not be on that mountain anymore, but there are still ways you can improve your pictures.

PRO TIP: Always shoot RAW. This way, you’ll have much more control over your photos with post-production. Make sure the horizons are horizontal, correct highlights and shadows, bring out the details. There are many things you can do with your RAW photos, it’s just a matter of how much time you want to spend editing them.

Ready for your next adventure? Take your camera and start shooting. With these three simple tips, your photos will look like those of professionals.
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