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Taking Aerial Pictures With A Drone Camera

One of the latest trends in photography is taking aerial pictures with drone cameras. If you’re interested in taking amazing photos with a drone, this article is just what you need.

Get ready

Of course, the first essential step is having a drone.

But that’s not enough. In order to become a good drone photographer, you should learn to use your drone and get the required permissions. This varies between countries, so I won’t go into much detail. Just make sure you don’t get into trouble.

Pick a spot

The amazing thing about drone photography is that you have complete freedom. And you feel it, too.

Choose a place that you like, like your childhood neighborhood or a beach near your house. You already know how it looks from the groud, but have you ever imagined how it would look from the sky?

As you get better you should move onto different spots that challenge your skills.

Don’t forget about the weather

One of the major problems with drone photography is the weather. Before leaving your house, check the wind speeds and humidity.

If there’s any possibility of a storm, you better reschedule. Remember strong winds could make you lose control of your drone. You don’t want it to be damaged, or even worst, lost!

It’s all about the light

So you go out, spend some time taking pictures and go running to your computer to check them out. Of course you’ll be blown away with the amazing landscapes and perspectives you got, but are your pictures actually good?

Drone photography isn’t different to landscape photography. As always, it’s all about the light.

Think about it. Drones are rather common nowadays, so there’s no more uniqueness in the aerial photos. To stand out, you have to take the best pictures.

If you’re taking photos during the day, pay attention the position of the Sun. At noon you’ll have brighter pictures with few shadows. During the Golden Hour, you’ll get more colorful photos with large shadows.


There’s no secret to drone photography. You have to go out there – literally – and experiment. Find what works best for you and become the best drone photographer you can be.

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