Cheap Trick To Improve Your Product Photos To Sell Online

If you’re trying to sell stuff online, you need to take the best pictures possible. You can write amazing descriptions and your products can be in perfect condition, but if the photos aren’t good enough, you won’t get buyers.

Of course, you can buy a professional camera with an amazing lens. But is it necessary? Not at all! You can take incredible product photos with your smartphone.

All you need is your product, your smartphone or camera, and a product photography box!

A product photography box is just a fancy name for a cardboard box where you’ll place your products to take pictures of them. In a certain way, it will be your own personal photo studio.

So what should you do?

1) Take a cardboard box and remove its top

2) Cut holes on every side of the box

3) Cover those holes with white sheer fabric from the outside

4) Cover the entire inside of the box with white sheer fabric

At this point, the inside of your cardboard should be completely covered in white. Make sure there are no ripples in the fabric because they could end up showing in your pictures.

Once your cardboard is complete, you can place your products inside. If you take pictures without any lighting, they won’t look very professional.

You have two lighting alternatives: you can either use natural sunlight or artificial lighting. For this project, I recommend using artificial lighting. You should place lights on the outside of the box, very close to the holes you cut.

The final step is to take your pictures. Try placing your products and the lights in different positions to create cool effects, like shadows and bright spots. And enjoy your new product photos!
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